Volumen 46 - Número 1 - 2011
Nota científica


Fiordos de Chile: Potencial zona de crianza de Bathylagichthys parini (Pisces: Osmeriformes: Bathylagidae)

Mauricio F. Landaeta1, Jorge Contreras1 y Claudia A. Bustos1,2

1Laboratorio de Ictioplancton (LABITI), Facultad de Ciencias del Mar y de Recursos Naturales, Universidad de Valparaíso, Avenida Borgoño 16344, Reñaca, Viña del Mar, Chile
2Programa de Doctorado en Acuicultura, Universidad Católica del Norte, Larrondo 1281, Coquimbo, Chile


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Eighteen juveniles of Bathylagichthys parini (Osmeriformes: Bathylagidae) were collected in fjords of southern Chile (ca. 48°S-74°W) in November 2008. Standard length and wet weight ranged from 22.6 to 37.7 mm, and between 0.049 and 0.243 g, respectively; density ranged between 3.56 and 41.77 juveniles x 10 m2. Stomach contents included calanoid copepods (mainly Acartia tonsa and Paracalanus parvus adults and copepodids), ostracods and mussel larvae. This finding suggests that juveniles feed near surface waters and aids evidence to the hypothesis the fjords are utilized as nursery zone for this rare oceanic species from South Pacific.


Palabras clave: Nursery area, Patagonia, food, otoliths