Rev. biol. mar. oceanogr. 48(3): 641-645

Nota Científica

Efecto combinado de la temperatura y salinidad sobre la supervivencia embrionaria de Galaxias maculatus

Juan Barile1, Manuel Escudero1 y Eriko Carreño1

1Escuela de Acuicultura, Universidad Católica de Temuco, Av. Rudecindo Ortega 02950 Temuco, Chile

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This study aims to evaluate the effect of temperature and salinity on Galaxias maculatus embryo survival. Embryos were incubated at 5, 10 and 15°C and 0, 10 and 30 psu. At 5°C all salinities induced 100% mortality. Furthermore, salinity of 30, regardless temperature, caused 100% mortality. In freshwater, embryos reached 74.7 and 69.3% survival at 10°C and 15°C, respectively. While, at 10 psu, the larvae survivals were higher, 88.7 and 80.0% with 10 and 15°C respectively. These findings suggest that there is not a temperature-salinity interaction effect on embryonic development of G. maculatus. In conclusion the embryonic development of this fish is only possible at fresh and brackish waters and it is not viable at salt water.

Key words:  Environmental parameters, fish, embryos, Galaxias maculatus