Rev. biol. mar. oceanogr. 48(3): 653-660

Nota Científica

Inducción al desove de la navaja Ensis macha mediante inyección de serotonina

Daniel Arriagada1, Irene Lépez1, Maryori Ruiz2 e Ingrid Contreras1

1Laboratorio Ingeniería Acuícola Irene Lépez Ltda., Gobernador Juan Henríquez 910, Concepción, Chile
2Programa de Doctorado Sistemas Marinos Costeros, Facultad de Recursos del Mar, Universidad de Antofagasta, Casilla 170, Antofagasta, Chile

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The effect of serotonin spawning stimulating agent, was evaluated in Ensis macha sexually mature broodstock, conditioned in laboratory. Neurotransmitter 0.9 ml at a concentration of 10-5 M was injected into the foot of each specimen. 5-HT induced gamete release in 92% of injected broodstock, always producing the fastest response in males, removing sperm at 36 min (± 15.9) after injection. The release of mature oocytes began at 170 min (± 42.4) post-injection. Embryonic development to the veliger larva formation, straight hinge D had a survival of 88%, no malformations have been observed in larvae. In only one trial, fertilized oocytes were not viable. Finally, we can confirm that there is a pattern in the release of mature gametes E. macha broodstocks due to the action of serotonin 5-HT and could be a useful tool for aquaculture practices.

Key words:  Ensis macha, serotonin, spawning