Rev. biol. mar. oceanogr. 50(1): 135-139

Research Note

First record of total albinism in southern stingray Dasyatis americana

Armando T. Wakida-Kusunoki1

1Centro Regional de Investigación Pesquera de Yucalpeten, Instituto Nacional de Pesca, Carretera a Chelem,  Blvd  del pescador s/n Puerto de abrigo, C.P. 97320, Yucalpetén, Yucatán, México

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This paper describes the first record of total albinism in the southern stingray Dasyatis americana. The disc width of the albino sub adult female specimen was 640 mm and the total weight was 9,850 g. It was captured in the coast of Tabasco, southeastern Mexico.

Key words:  Albinism, Dasyatis americana, elasmobranchs, Tabasco, southeast Mexico